Black Excellence is the very fiber of our collective being. It is the root of every great thing this world has come to know. It is the reason for the dominant culture. It is biggest secret hidden in plain sight.

Back when it seemed like there was a police shooting every other day, when Black people were screaming to the heavens how much our lives mattered. It seemed to be so daunting, the ill response that our community received. It was so stressful that the stress quickly turned into hopelessness. None of us were doing well at "keeping hope alive." It was clear and apparent that one thing that we could use was positive ways to make our voices heard, and that's where The Black Excellence Project started.

The Black Excellence Project in Second Life was created out of the notion that if more people knew how our country and government worked, then more people would exercise their rights to be involved within their own communities, law making processes, and overall presence in the correct spaces to spark legitimate change. It was created not in the assumption that people were ignorant, but in the certainty that there's much more that we all could be learning to do.

The Black community is a great resource. One filled with deeply rooted culture and a very strong influence on this world and what is considered valuable in it. At TBEP, we want to be able to take that power and use it for our own enrichment and to impact our communities and those that work closely within ours, positively.

With an emphasis on practical education, and an importance placed on peer-mentoring and lateral leadership, The Black Excellence Project encourages upward movement and thought within the Black community of Second Life, and beyond.

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