Frequently asked questions

I'm not Black. Can I still participate in TBEP?

You certainly can. The Black Excellence Project acknowledges people of all ethnicities, and understands that there's a great desire for many non-poc (people or color) to learn how they too can encourage Black Excellence.

I would like to financially contribute to TBEP. How can I do so?

Thank you! At The Black Excellence Project Headquarters Inworld, there is a tipjar at the front desk. Please make any donations there, and each donation will go to the upkeep of TBEP, and any learning materials/subscriptions/etc.

How can I teach a subject, or conduct a workshop at TBEP?

Contact Dondallia Graves Inworld, or Dondallia Cruz on facebook. If you leave a NC inworld, please also leave a message letting Dondie know you've done so.

I don't believe our government will at any point work for Black People. Does that mean that I can't participate in TBEP?

No. It just means that you have a different idea of what may be better for Black people. We welcome respectful and well informed dialogue, and encourage people to think outside of the box at TBEP. You never know, you might learn something here, and we may learn something from you too.

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